"We are really happy with PIM and the support we get has been great."



Name: Emma Allen

Company: Investors Edge Real Estate

Role: Head of Property Management

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Emma is Head of Property Management and loves finding efficiencies and better ways to help her clients, knowing that the small things add up to make a big difference. Emma and her team have consistently won many awards including LPMA (Leading Property Managers of Australia), REIA, REIWA and REB ranging from Property Management Company of the Year to Excellence in Customer Service.

Property Inspection Manager: How long have you been using PIM, what specific requirements were you looking for and how did we help you achieve them?

Emma Allen: We have been using PIM for well over two years now. Previously we did have some trouble when we trialled other apps as they just weren’t user friendly or giving us what we wanted. When we came to Property Inspection Manager we provided a sample of what we were after, and we worked with you until we got it right, which was perfect. The Property Inspection Manager team were flexible and we were able to get exactly what we wanted. The report format works for our owners and for our team conducting inspections.

Property Inspection Manager: What impact has PIM made to your inspection process?

Emma Allen: Just having everything completed on site has been a huge improvement for us. Nothing can be missed so everything is recorded including maintenance and photos, and the fact that we can finalise that inspection on the iPad and view it immediately is a huge bonus. We can even send it off to the owner from the property. We save a great deal of time being able to finalise and send in an inspection report while out of the office and it impresses our owners too.

Property Inspection Manager: How do you use PIM in conjunction with REST?

Emma Allen: PIM's interface with REST is really good as well. All of our properties can just import straight into PIM, which is fantastic. Inspection dates, address, tenants and owners details, keys numbers and alarm codes are all imported which saves a lot of input time and redices errors. It makes setting up our inspections fast and simple.

Property Inspection Manager: What factors helped you decide to choose PIM?

Emma Allen: There are a lot of things we wanted especially our photos presented a certain way and formatted correctly. We wanted the reports to look professional and be consistent with our brand – even our fonts are included. With some things like legislative requirements we wanted those included in our reports so that our owners are getting feedback on a regular basis. PIM has helped us create a reporting system that works for us, and creates inspection reports that suit the way we work and help us communicate clearly and consistently with our landlords.

PIM Features

With PIM since all the data is loaded onto the iPad, when property managers are out doing inspections they can choose to finalise and send the inspection immediately or send the Inspection report back to the office to finalise and send to the landlord.

Feedback from Landlords

Landlords are really happy with the reports they are receiving since they find them easy to read, clear to follow and love the colour photos. Landlords can quickly see what maintenance is required and if they need to budget for future improvements.

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