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Great App!
I used the inspection app on my phone yesterday for the first time. I loved it. It was absolutely awesome. I now take multiple photos during the inspection and get back to the office and narrate that report set alone saves me so much time. Have found the tenant report and have used that a couple of times also. This is an absolute awesome app thank you so much.

Dilapidation and building inspection reports
Industrial building and maintenance is a complex area and doesn't suit the one size fits all mould of most of the apps out there. That's why we were surprised to find this humble real estate inspection tool was so versatile and affordable. With custom report templates and the ability to tailor the individual inspection areas to suit our needs, we have been using PIM to create dilapidation and building inspection reports to suit even our most complex industrial maintenance jobs. The support to get set up and rolled out was fantastic, and they've even helped us tweak our final reports to display exactly the way we want with full branding and layout changes.

Quick, helpful and friendly
The support team at PIM is by far the best I have ever dealt with in this line of work. Quick, helpful, friendly and efficient.

Practical, flexible and stable
I've been happily using PIM now for nearly four years, using it to conduct over 800 property condition reports as an outsource contractor. It's practical, flexible, stable and regularly updated with exciting new features, many of them starting with simple suggestions from regular users like me. Support is great. Their team is always quick to answer emails or to speak by phone and always patient no matter how small my issues. And their training was personalised and fun. But most of all, the app does exactly what I want it to do; it allows me to quickly complete my inspections using a range of effective and time-saving data entry options. I was hooked from day one of my free trial and never looked back. Well worth considering, if you are looking for something new.

Professional Reports
Since our office started using this application aapprox 12 Months ago, we have saved time and our reports look so professional. We would recommend this app to anyone needing assistance with their inspections.

Absolutely delighted!
We have recently become PIM users and are absolutely delighted with the time savings achieved and from the feedback from our clients. They really like the report format. We also appreciated the excellent support from Jeremy and his team. It has been a great experience from first contact and nothing has been too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending using PIM to other property managers.

Best on the market
I've previously used two other inspection apps and neither have worked as well as Property Inspection Manager. It's a relief to have something so reliable, rarely any issues, and when I want to customise anything, getting extra help is easy and hassle-free. Highly recommended.

Friendly service
As a PCR contractor charging a flat rate regardless of size, time is critical. But with the use of shortcut phrases, customised templates and even some creative use of "repeat inspections" to pre-populate common text within sub inspection areas I can now complete a PCR inspection and report in under an hour. Although the photos work well, I still use a separate camera rather than the app to save report printout using a tree full of paper. Otherwise this app is faultless and the support is fantastic. Friendly service, quick response time and all feedback has been implemented into later versions. I strongly recommend this app.

"Definitely recommend you"
Thank you for such professional helpful assistance, de Haan Realty is most pleased with the service you provide and also we find the PIM system to be such an efficient, valuable Management tool. We would definitely recommend you and the PIM system.

"I love the PIM app!"
I love the PIM app!. It gives me the ability to be able to customise inspections for different owners or properties. Being on the device itself also gives the assurance of never losing that vital connection when out doing inspections. The ability also to upload to email in either PDF or Word doc or both also is an awesome feature. This allows me to be able to edit on my computer before sending off, this saves a lot of time. One of my favourite features is once you repeat an inspection, when you go to that next inspection you have the previous text from the former inspection. This allows you when onsite to see what comments were made last time, what you might need to look out for or check on, and can save a lot of time of re-writing a complete inspection. Fabulous and time saving, I even enjoy doing my inspections now!

"Support is fantastic"
We have been using Property Inspection Manager as all of the reports are fully customisable to our requirements and the on-going support is fantastic.

"PIM has been an unquestionable success"
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeremy and Phil for the assistance and professionalism that you have shown during the course of setting up the Property Inspection Manager app for our company. The ease in commencing with this process has been highly commendable and, in this often time poor industry, we have found your support and management of the program to be invaluable, precise and of the highest standard. The program itself is very comprehensive, yet simple to use, providing us with a full coverage to undertake both residential and commercial routine inspections, PCRs and final Bond Inspections. All of the reports are versatile, depending on the need at the time, and are clear and concise in their detailing with the photo presentation to be of a high standard. With the recently implemented upgrades to the methods in which the app can be used we are finding the final reports that are generated for both owners and tenants to be exceptional and we have had only positive responses from our clients. This program has been an unquestionable success for us and an asset to our very busy team and has made our time in and out of the office more streamlined and successful. We would have no problem in recommending your product to anyone in the industry and would like to thank you again for your ongoing support and assistance.

"Great product and customer service"
Thanks so much, I can’t say enough what a great product and customer service you guys have.

"This app was the one for us. We were not disappointed"
We've been using Property Inspection Manager for just over a year now and feel it's time to review it. We did our research, using a Property Inspection Manager trial and two others, at the same time. It didn't take us long to decide that This app was the one for us. We were not disappointed. Once we overcame the usual teething problems (with fantastic support from the tech and sales team) we have been able to configure it to our own needs which has made it easier and easier to use. We are now fully reliant on Property Inspection Manager for producing quality inspection and property condition reports in a fraction of the time.

"Officially this is the best app I’ve tried"
I can now officially say this is the best app I’ve tried for Entry and Exit Condition reports. I bought an iPad specifically for the purpose of completing these reports but was disappointed to find that the apps that were out there just didn’t suit my needs. I’ve tried at least eight others and have not been satisfied with a single report produced by any of them.

"Practically eliminates the need for post processing"
Hi. I am an inspection officer in a busy office. We have a rent roll over five hundred. Until now we used a paper form and camera setup for our inspections, which needed time consuming in-office post processing. We started to using Property Inspection Manager three months ago and it practically eliminates the need for post processing. It is installed on an IPad 3 with 3G; we can email the report back to the office from the property. What impressed us the most is the flexibility of the set up. We have created different templates for different property types with ease. Even these templates can be changed on the fly during an inspection. Photos captured with the IPad attached straight to the area already labelled. The only time we still use a camera if there is not enough light as the IPad doesn't have a flash. Very easy to use, saves a lot of time on the field and even more in the office. Our property managers are using this program for the entry and exit reports. The time saving here even more amazing as the reports generated in word format beside the PDF file. I highly recommend this application to any office want to save time and be more efficient.

"Revolutionises property management"
GONE are the days when a real estate agent would rely solely on his/her trusty clipboard and pen to jot down notes during a house inspection. We are the first real estate company in WA to trial the new iPad application which allows agents to manage properties with greater ease. Called the Property Inspection Manager (PIM), the technology is thought to revolutionise property management by sending inspection results via email to property owners moments after inspecting a property With the new Property lnspection Manager app, our property managers can inspect the property, take photos with the built-in camera, run a report from one of our templates, and then email it off to the owner, all within hours. “It means maintenance issues can be addressed quicker, which keeps both owners and tenants happier.”

"Great app, easy to use"
Been using for 10 months, great app, easy to use, saves heaps of time. Really like the ability to customise the reports to how we want them. The support team are great and listen to feedback. Highly recommended!!

"The help guys actually emailed me back!"
I am a realtor & commercial properties are my specialty, with property management a component of what I do as well. This program keeps the properties straight in my mind when reviewing portfolios as well as having the details & pics there too. The help guys actually emailed me back & solved my question! plus they have great explanations on buttons.

"PIM has changed the way I conduct my business"
Just wanted to let you know that I have been looking for something like PIM. My company manages 278 properties and inspections are a constant sore spot due to the paperwork that is involved and the turn around time involved just generating the report to begin the make ready process but not anymore. This app has changed the way I conduct my business. It was super easy to set up and totally customizable. Great job! Now if I could get my tenants to pay their rent as easily as it was to get started with PIM. Thanks again!

"It's saving us heaps of time and it makes us happy!"
PIM is great. It's so easy to use. We capture comments and pictures at our properties and can finalise and send inspection reports while onsite. It's saving us heaps of time and it makes us happy!

"It's saving me so much time!"
The Property Inspection Manager app is great keep up the good work. It's saving me so much time and the Landlords are loving the reports.

"Support staff are fantastic"
The support staff for this app are fantastic! If it can be done they will do it for you! This app makes my job so much easier and quicker and they are improving it all the time!!.

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