"It's made a huge difference to our property management business."



Name: David Crawley

Company: LJ Hooker Burwood

Role: Director/Senior Property Manager

Location: Burwood, Sydney, NSW Australia

David Crawley has been in property management for 16 years and is a current member of the Captains Club which represents the top 10% of Property Managers within the network. David talked to us about how PIM has changed how they manage their properties saving heaps of time.

Property Inspection Manager: How long have you been using PIM?

David Crawley: We introduced Property Inspection Manager into our team in 2012.

Property Inspection Manager: What impact has PIM made to your inspection process?

David Crawley: Saves heaps of time, which I’m sure all property managers can agree there is not enough hours in the day ! We have found that PIM doesn’t just save time in the short term it saves us time in the long term too. The reports are easy to complete and are detailed, the best tool is when the next inspection is due you can simply repeat the previous inspection so upon your return it informs you of all discrepancies/issues at the past inspection and makes you look like you remember everything!!

Property Inspection Manager: What is/are the standout features of PIM from your perspective?

David Crawley: The number 1 reason we chose PIM is because it enables us to customize our inspection templates to exactly how we want them and change them as often as we want. We can also easily import our inspections from REST which is a huge plus.

Property Inspection Manager: What factors helped you decide to choose us?

David Crawley: It is extremely easy to use ! The inspection report once submitted is indeed very detailed and aesthetically nice to look at and appears as if it has taken quite some time to compile the report but behind the scenes it is just merely a few clicks of the button which is perfect!

Data Sharing With REST

Since PIM supports REST it saves time re-keying in existing property data.

PIM Features

PIM's built in tools such as "Repeat Inspection" informs the property managers of past discrepancies/issues from the previous inspection.

Customised Reports

Reports generated from PIM not only match your brand but are aesthetically nice to look at and their detail satisfy your tenants and owners.

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